Automatic Water Boilers

We design and make wall mounted automatic water boilers to provide a ready supply of boiling water suitable for cafes, cafeterias, restaurants, hospitals, aged care facilities, canteens, etc. Anywhere that hot water is needed, instantly.

We make the no worries, automatic filling water boiler complete with a separate element and temperature controller. Our automatic water boiler is energy efficient so that you have constant boiling water, perfect for tea, coffee and other hot beverages as well as convenience foods.

Automatic water boilers

Our water boiler features completely automatic filling and heating with a built in electronic controller to maintain the water temperature between 94-97⁰C.

With our simplified design and minimum number of working components, our water boilers have an easy clean, white powder coated surface.

Additionally, being conveniently wall mounted, installation and maintenance is easy.

  • Convenient sizes: 2, 5, 10 and 25 litres
  • Optional carbon filter on 5 and 10 litre models
  • Optional hot out for sink filling (standard on 25 litre size)
  • Low pressure models available
  • Low temperature models available (i.e. ski fields)

Water Boiler Technical Specifications