Our Story

Superheat Limited has been a local manufacturer based in Christchurch for over 30 years. Specialising in water heating, we provide solutions for the domestic, commercial, dairy and marine industries throughout New Zealand. As a small local manufacturer, we are able to provide customised solutions to suit many applications across a diverse range of industries.

Our team are experienced, qualified and knowledgeable. Being able to design water heating concepts compatible with renewable energies, we can solve many complex challenges whether it be for new builds or renovations, residential or commercial.

Trevor Edwards


Following the successful completion of an expansion to the Norðuráll Aluminium Smelter in Iceland, Trevor relocated back to New Zealand with his family and acquired the business Multi Machinery Ltd. Renamed to Superheat Ltd, the business has grown into one of New Zealand’s leading bespoke water heating product manufacturers.

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What we stand for

We are committed to providing locally made, high performance hot water heaters. Our manufacturing
processes are eco-friendly and industry compliant. We strive to provide New Zealanders with products
they can trust, with the knowledge that their hot water heater is made to the highest New Zealand