Marine Hot Water Cylinders

Boat hot water cylinder

Specifically designed for use on boats and larger marine vessels, our marine hot water cylinders are built with high quality components to ensure their longevity and optimal performance in the most demanding marine environments.

With over 25 years in the water heating industry, we have developed the most robust marine hot water cylinders that perform under pressure whilst requiring very little maintenance. This means our customers can enjoy hot water whenever and wherever they are.

Our marine hot water cylinders are made with stainless steel casings, ranging from 25 – 90 litres to fit most sizes of marine craft.

Using the heat from your vessel’s heat exchanger to heat a coil inside the marine cylinder, we offer an economical hot water solution that’s easy to install and highly efficient. While we provide standard marine hot water cylinder sizes, we also make special sizes on request – get in touch with us to discuss your needs.

Marine Hot Water Cylinder Features

  • Standard sizes 25 – 90 litres with heavy duty copper barrels and a working pressure of 250kPa
  • Heating coil inside the marine cylinder to utilise heat from your vessel’s heat exchanger
  • 1 kW booster element, larger elements available on request
  • Larger sizes of 110 – 800 litres with stainless steel barrel and outer case
  • Special sizes available on request

Marine Cylinder Sizes, Orientation & Installation