PO Box 19-001, 9 Radley Street, Woolston, Christchurch, New Zealand 8023


With the mandatory four week lockdown, we are pleased to advise you all that supply of hot water cylinders and parts from Superheat Limited will be available on an essential services basis.

Superheat will be open daily from Monday to Friday up to 4:30pm for collection and dispatch. Should you require cylinders or parts, please phone through on our normal business line, 03 389 9500, or email your order to: info@superheat.nz.

We are a Christchurch-based manufacturer of high quality hot water cylinders for domestic, commercial, dairy and marine applications throughout the country.

All of our hot water heating solutions are manufactured entirely within New Zealand, with every unit meeting the highest standards and latest MEPS regulations for greater energy savings.


High quality domestic low and medium pressure copper and stainless steel mains pressure hot water cylinders, made in NZ to meet NZ standards. Cylinders available in custom sizes.


Hot water cylinders for commercial applications where an energy efficient and cost effective hot water solution is required. Our low and mains pressure commercial hot water cylinders are easy to maintain and built to last.


Specialty copper and stainless steel hot water cylinders for dairy milking sheds. Certified to NZS 4604 standards, our dairy cylinders range from 180 to 1,500 litres with special sizes available on request.


Specifically designed for use on boats and larger marine vessels. Using the heating coil from the vessel's heat exchanger, our marine cylinders offer an economical hot water solution.

Water Boilers

A ready supply of boiling water with completely automatic filling and heating. Don't stand around waiting for the kettle to boil. Get hot water when you need it - instantly!


Throughout New Zealand, major plumbing, electrical and building merchants carry Superheat cylinders.

A Proven, Trusted and Established New Zealand Brand

For over 25 years we have been successfully manufacturing the highest quality hot water systems for customers throughout the country. All of our hot water products are designed and made entirely within New Zealand to meet the highest New Zealand and Australian standards. Our experience with hot water, central heating, radiators, solar, wetback, hot water heat pumps and boiler systems means we can solve any challenge our customers may face in the most efficient and cost effective way, be it with standard or custom designed hot water cylinders to suit your exact needs.

Superheat cylinders are only available through major plumbing, electrical and building merchants

Please specify ‘Superheat’ when ordering your cylinder or boiler unit.