Hot water cylinders and water heating solutions manufactured in NZ for all applications

Enjoy the benefits of superheat hot water cylinders

We are a Christchurch-based manufacturer of high quality hot water cylinders for domestic, commercial, dairy and marine applications throughout the country.

All of our hot water cylinders and heating solutions are manufactured entirely within New Zealand. We  pride ourselves on producing high quality, energy efficient hot water cylinders that meet the highest standards and MEPS regulations.

Hot water cylinders

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About Superheat

Proven and Established New Zealand Hot Water Cylinder Manufacturers

Superheat is one of NZ’s leading hot water cylinder and water heating solution manufacturers. Whether you’re looking for a hot water cylinder for your home, business, boat or dairy farm – we have you covered. Now New Zealand’s distributor of Atlantic water heating solutions and comfort panel heaters.

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Superheat are an importer and distributor of French made Atlantic water heating and space heating solutions. The Atlantic water heating range is suitable for many installations, such as schools, motels, cafes, commercial kitchens, as well as the home.

From space saving flat water heaters to high performance hot water heat pumps, Atlantic provide high quality, efficient solutions to provide hot water for you, your staff and your entire family.

Additionally, Atlantic design and manufacture a range of efficient panel heaters at competitive prices. You no longer have to choose between optimal comfort and energy savings. Depending on what type of warmth you prefer, Atlantic brings you a choice of panel heating solutions to match your exact needs.

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Atlantic Explorer Hot Water Heat Pumps

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Atlantic Vertigo Wall Mounted Water Heater

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