Domestic Hot water cylinders

domestic cylinders

Superheat domestic hot water cylinders are designed and manufactured to meet New Zealand’s and Australia’s highest performance standards.

Rest assured knowing your Superheat domestic hot water cylinder has been built to last. All cylinders are easy to install, require minimal maintenance and designed to be energy and cost efficient.

STainless steel mains pressure hot water cylinders

Stainless steel mains hot water cylinders have become a popular choice because of the material’s unmatched strength and ability to withstand high pressure and water temperatures. They are lighter and can be more energy efficient than other available options.

We are proud to provide high quality stainless steel mains pressure hot water cylinders that have everything you need for a total hot water solution. With direct connections or coil options to suit your needs for wetback, solar, boiler and hot water heat pump heating and tank sizes from 33 – 1000 litres capacity. 

LOw and medium pressure copper cylinders

Low and medium pressure electric hot water cylinders are a good choice for a low cost, energy efficient hot water cylinder, suitable for a wide range of conditions. Our copper cylinders are the result of over 30 years development, every cylinder is fully insulated and constructed from the highest quality materials to ensure optimal performance over time.

Our experienced team of designers and engineers provide sustainable and affordable solutions to support all domestic low and medium pressure hot water cylinder applications in New Zealand.

Special Size cylinders available on request

Domestic hot water cylinder options

We can tailor a domestic hot water cylinder to your requirements. Options we can include with our domestic hot water cylinders are:

Servicing and repairs

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