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Commercial Cylinders

Superheat commercial hot water cylinders are designed for applications where an instant, reliable and significant source of hot water is required.

With over 30 years of research and development, we believe we’ve built NZ’s best commercial hot water cylinder. Our commercial cylinders are designed to do more than just fit your needs, they are also energy efficient and incredibly reliable in demanding, high-use environments.

Commercial Hot Water Cylinder Applications

Superheat commercial hot water cylinders are designed for any commercial environment where a high demand, reliable and energy efficient water heating solution is required. Our low and mains pressure commercial hot water cylinders are widely used in high demand environments throughout 
New Zealand. This includes: (1)

Commercial Hot Water Cylinder Options

We can provide many commercial heating options including connectivity to gas or diesel boilers, hot water heat pumps, solar as well as multiple electric elements.

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Custom Requirements

If you require a unique commercial water heating solution, our engineers can design and manufacture the right fit. We are happy to provide advice regarding the size and layout of the right commercial hot water heating solution for many types of installations.

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