Commercial Hot Water Cylinders

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In commercial and public areas where an instant, reliable and significant source of hot water is required, we provide heavy duty commercial hot water heating and storage systems.

Our low and mains pressure commercial hot water cylinders are widely used in hotels, motels, camping grounds, schools, hospitals, student and aged facilities, golf courses, sports clubs and gyms, factories and more throughout New Zealand. All of our commercial hot water cylinders are made in New Zealand to meet both New Zealand and Australian standards.


We provide many commercial heating options for commercial hot water heating to fit your needs, including gas or diesel boilers, hot water heat pumps, solar water heating and electric elements.

With over 25 years in research and development, our commercial hot water cylinders are effective and energy efficient in the most demanding and high-use environments.

Commercial Hot Water Cylinder Features

  • Mains pressure sizes from 33 to 1000 litres capacity
  • Low pressure sizes from 10 to 800 litres capacity
  • We can include fittings of up to 5” (125mm) for mains pressure and 1½” (40mm) for low and medium pressure
  • We can include multiple fittings if several heat sources are used
  • Coils or multiple coils can be specified for any indirect heat source such as boilers, solar and hot water heat pumps
  • Commercial hot water cylinders can be specified with a stainless steel outer case if there is a potentially corrosive environment or if the hot water cylinders are visible to the public

We are happy to provide advice regarding the size and layout of commercial hot water cylinders to ensure your needs are met.
commercial layout

Commercial Hot Water Cylinder Options

We can include any of the following to our commercial hot water cylinders to ensure they meet your needs:

  • Additional electric heating elements from 1 – 5kW
  • Three phase electric heating elements from 3 – 12kW
  • Wetback coils to heat the HWC from a wetback fire
  • Boiler coils to pump hot water or condensate from boilers to heat the HWC
  • Scavenger coils to transfer heat from the HWC to, for example, under floor heating
  • Extra fittings for solar or hot water heat pump systems
  • Ring main connections
  • Extra cylinder connections from ½” (15mm) to 5” (125mm) for mains pressure and ¾” (20mm) to 1 ½” (40mm) for low and medium pressure
  • Probe pockets to mount sensors and probes into the HWC for measurement and control
  • Stainless steel or galvanised steel (galv.) outer case