Water Boiler Technical Specifications

Boiler Unit Technical Diagram


Model No.BU02EBU05EBU10EBU25E
Capacity (litres)251025
Initial draw off (200ml cups)102550125
Delivery (cups first hour)130145170305
A width (mm)307307307390
B Depth (mm)130130175260
C Height (mm)350550640700
Element size (kw)2.2/2.42.2/2.42.2/2.43.6
Electrical Supply 2m Power Cord (C)    
Extra hot out standard for 25 litre, optional extra for 5 and 10 litre units


Note: 1 cup = 200mls. Supply pressure below 200kpa will reduce delivery below capacity stated above.

  • Voltage Rating: 230 – 240 V AC, 50 Hz, single phase
  • Inlet and overflow connections: R 1/2 inch or 15 mm (1/2 inch BSP) Male
  • Minimum water supply pressure: 200 kpa
  • Maximum water supply pressure: 1000 kpa
  • Stop tap and union not supplied.
    For concealed plumbing connections, contractor should install two R 1/2 inch or 15 mm (1/2 inch BSP) female wing back tee/elbow.
  • Technical manual and installation templates supplied with each unit

Warranty – 1 year commercial use

This unit has a twelve month parts and labour warranty from the date of purchase against faulty materials and workmanship.   This warranty applies only to defects occurring under conditions of normal use for the purpose that the automatic water boiler was manufactured.   Failure induced by harmful water or the chemical action of aggressive water or substances introduced artificially into the water will not give rise to a valid claim.   The manufacturer reserves the right at its discretion to reject any claim if in its opinion the automatic water boiler has been subjected to unnatural conditions, which may include damage in transit, unstable power supply or power supply other than 230-240V 50Hz, pressures greater than or less than the designed water pressure, misuse, faulty installation, repair works not authorised by the manufacturer or subject to any Act of God.   Any additional costs for removal and re-installation of the automatic water boiler, such as removal or dismantling of walls or panels, are not the responsibility of the manufacturer.   The manufacturer will not be liable for any financial or economic loss or any indirect or consequential loss of any kind.  If this product needs repair within the above period it should be taken or sent, prepaid, to Superheat Ltd., where it will be inspected to determine cause of failure.

Proof of purchase (Retailers invoice) will be required.