Domestic Low & Medium Pressure Copper Cylinders

Low pressure up to 76kPa (7.6m) or open vented.

Medium Pressure up to 120kPa (12m).

Superheat copper cylinders are made in sizes from 10 to 800 litres capacity.


Low Pressure
(open vent or 76kPa)
Open vent Wetback (dual) Medium Pressure (120kPa) Litres Diameter Height Element kW
US10300 10 undersink 300 360 1
US16300 16 undersink 300 500 1
US25370 MG25370 25 undersink 370 500 2
US40460 MG40460 40 undersink 460 500 2
E45460TWIN MG45460 45 460 600 2
E65460TWIN MG65460 65 460 800 2
E90460TWIN WB90460 MG90460 90 460 1040 2
E90540TWIN WB90540 MG90540 90 540 780 2
E135460TRIPLE WB135460 MG135460 135 460 1500 2
E135480TRIPLE WB135480 MG135480 135 480 1340 2
E135510TRIPLE WB135510 MG135510 135 510 1190 2
E135540TRIPLE WB135540 MG135540 135 540 1090 2
E135560TRIPLE WB135560 MG135560 135 560 990 2
E135610TRIPLE WB135610 MG135610 135 610 840 2
E180470TRIPLE WB180470 MG180470 180 470 1950 2
E180490TRIPLE WB180490 MG180490 180 490 1720 2
E180510TRIPLE WB180510 MG180510 180 510 1540 2
E180540TRIPLE WB180540 MG180540 180 540 1410 2
E180560TRIPLE WB180560 MG180560 180 560 1240 2
E180610TRIPLE WB180610 MG180610 180 610 1090 2
E180710TRIPLE WB180710* MG180710* 180 710 800 2
E225540TRIPLE WB225540 MG225540 225 540 1730 3
E225560TRIPLE WB225560 MG225560 225 560 1540 3
E225610TRIPLE WB225610 MG225610 225 610 1320 3
E270540TRIPLE WB270540 MG270540 270 540 2020 3
E270560TRIPLE WB270560 MG270560 270 560 1800 3
E270610TRIPLE WB270610 MG270610 270 610 1530 3
E270710TRIPLE WB270710 MG270710 270 710 1135 3
E300560 WB300560 MG300560 300 560 1980 3
E300610 WB300610 MG300610 300 610 1680 3
E360610TRIPLE WB360610 MG360610 360 610 1990 4
E360710TRIPLE WB360710 MG360710 360 710 1440 4
E450710TWIN WB450710 MG450710 450 710 1740 4
Larger sizes up to 800 litres available with diameters up to 810mm


Warranty – 5 years

Superheat low and medium pressure hot water cylinders must be installed by qualified installers in accordance with all relevant Building Codes (G12) and NZ standard (NZS 4606).

The hot water cylinder is guaranteed against faulty manufacture for a period of 5 years from the date of purchase and the terms of the guarantee are set out below. This includes a one year parts and labour warranty for replacement by the manufacturer of a failed component, or if necessary replacement by the manufacturer of the water cylinder.

For water cylinders more than one year and up to and including five years from the date of purchase, the manufacturers’ liability is limited to the repair of, or supply only of a replacement water cylinder at the manufacturers’ discretion, in the event of failure of the inner tank under normal operating conditions.

Should any failure of the inner tank occur during the warranty period and considered at the time by the manufacturer as a valid basis for a claim under the terms of the warranty, the water cylinder must be returned to the manufacturer. This warranty applies only to defects occurring under conditions of normal use for the purpose that the water cylinder was manufactured. Failure induced by harmful water or the chemical action of aggressive water or substances introduced artificially into the water will not give rise to a valid claim.

The manufacturer reserves the right at its discretion to reject any claim if in its opinion the water cylinder has been subjected to unnatural conditions, which may include negative pressures, pressures in excess of the designed head, misuse, faulty installation, excessive heat input, or repair works not authorised by the manufacturer or subject to any Act of God.

Any additional costs for removal and re-installation of the water cylinder, such as removal or dismantling of walls, doors, ceilings and roofs is not the responsibility of the manufacturer. The manufacturer will not be liable for any financial or economic loss or any indirect or consequential loss of any kind.

The element and thermostat fitted into this cylinder are independently guaranteed by their respective manufacturers for a period of one year from the date of purchase. The manufacturer will supply replacement components but accept no responsibility for any costs involved in the replacement of these components due to failure.

We recommend that water tests are carried out in areas where the water has low pH or high nitrate levels which can corrode copper cylinders, and areas where the water has low pH and high chlorides which can corrode stainless steel cylinders.