Dairy Cylinders

Typical sizing for dairy cylinders are from 180 litres to 1500 litres.

Note: When ordering Dairy cylinders please specify layout LH or RH.

Stainless Inner Barrel and Polished Stainless Steel Outer Case

D350710SS35071016702 x 3
D400710SS40071018602 x 3
D450710SS45071020102 x 3
D450810SS45081016902 x 3
D500810SS50081018302 x 3
D600810SS60081021003 x 3
D700810SS70081023703 x 3
D700915SS70091518703 x 3
D800915SS80091520803 x 3

Other sizes available on request.


Copper Inner Barrel and Galvanised Steel or Polished Stainless Steel Outer Case

Galv CasingSS CasingLitresDiameterHeightkW
DC180610DSS18061018061013501 x 3
DC200610DSS20061020061013501 x 3
DC225610DSS22561022561015601 x 3
DC270610DSS27061027061017901 x 3
DC270710DSS27071027071014001 x 3
DC270810DSS27081027081010501 x 3
DC300710DSS30071030071014001 x 3
DC300810DSS30081030081013001 x 3
DC350610DSS35061035061021902 x 3
DC350710DSS35071035071016602 x 3
DC350810DSS35081035081014002 x 3
DC400710DSS40071040071018202 x 3
DC450710DSS45071045071020902 x 3
DC450810DSS45081045081016002 x 3
DC450915DSS45091545091513002 x 3
DC500710DSS50071050071022002 x 3
DC500810DSS50081050081017102 x 3
DC500915DSS50091550091514002 x 3
DC600810DSS60081060081019003 x 3
DC600915DSS60091560091515503 x 3
DC700810DSS70081070081022003 x 3
DC700915DSS70091570091517403 x 3
DC800915DSS80091580091520503 x 3
DC8001160DSS8001160800116014003 x 3
DC1000915DSS1000915100091523003 x 3
DC10001160DSS100011601000116016503 x 3
DC1200915DSS1200915120091528003 x 5
DC12001160DSS120011601200116019003 x 5
DC15001160DSS150011601500116022703 x 5

Other sizes available on request.


Stainless Inner Barrel and Blue Plastic Outer Case

DSSP60060090016503 x 3
DSSP800800117013803 x 3
DSSP10001000117016403 x 5
DSSP12001200117018653 x 5
DSSP15001500117021803 x 5


Warranty – 3 years

Superheat dairy hot water cylinders must be installed by qualified installers in accordance with all relevant Building Codes (G12) and NZ standards (NZS 4605 Code of practice for The Installation of Dairy-type Thermal Storage Electric Water Heaters).

The Superheat dairy hot water cylinder is guaranteed against faulty manufacture for a period of three years.  This warranty applies only to defects occurring under conditions of normal use for the purpose that the water cylinder was manufactured.  This includes a one year parts and labour warranty for a failed component or if necessary full replacement of the dairy hot water cylinder. For years two and three the manufacturer has the option to repair or replace a faulty dairy hot water cylinder.

The warranty does not cover corrosion due to poor quality water, overpressure or negative pressure, incorrect installation, misuse, Acts of God, repair works or modifications not authorised by the manufacturer.

The elements and thermostats fitted into this cylinder are independently guaranteed by their respective manufacturers for a period of one year from the date of purchase.  The manufacturer will supply replacement components but accept no responsibility for any costs involved in the replacement of these components due to failure.

We recommend that water tests are carried out in areas where the water has low pH or high nitrate levels which can corrode copper cylinders, and areas where the water has low pH and high chlorides which can corrode stainless steel cylinders.